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Do you want to get in shape?  Do you feel that your training has become tiring and boring?   Do you lack the motivation and knowledge to continue to improve or to reach your goals?
Don’t worry, Personal Training sessions with Andressa B  are guaranteed be a fun and professional experience with individually customized programs to help you achieve your goals. Using Andressa B as your trainer could be the best investment you’ve ever made.

Get your first 1 on 1 Personal Training Session completely FREE!

Yes that’s right, no more excuses not to get started today. Andressa B will meet you either at one of her gyms or at your home to discuss your goals and wishes, before you get your first trial session completely for free!
If you wish to continue, a customized training program will be developed and regular sessions will be arranged.

Just use any of the contact details on the right side of this page and book your first no obligation session, completely free.

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