AB4FITNESS is a personal training service run by Qualified Personal Trainer Andressa Barros.
Andressa became interested in a career in health and fitness from an early age and at age 20, she completed her first recognized trainer qualification in order to pursue it as an career.

Andressa B has extensive experience working with both private clients and professional athletes not only from Brazil but across Europe as well.  She returned to Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2011 and is now available for private sessions either your home or various health clubs around the centre of Sao Paolo.


What her clients say:

Andressa is a fantastic personal trainer. She is persistent and gives you exactly the tough love you need in order to get your butt in shape! I started working with her 3 years ago when I lived in Sao Paulo. Shortly after we also started working out online when I was travelling for business. Even though I left Brazil over 2 years ago we continue to work out 3-5 times a week no matter where I am in the world. Besides being in better shape than ever before, thanks to her I also overcame my knee and lower back problems and am now training for the New York Marathon…pain free! She is a star! — Stefanie Breuer

I highly recommend Andressa, I am not a big fan of exercising but she makes it fun and enjoyable. I haven’t been this fit in twenty years. She even helped fix a shoulder injury that had been bothering me for months. If you want a trainer who can adapt exercises to your level and is extremely knowledgeable about what works best for you Andressa is definitely the person to contact! — Kelly Perkins

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