Personal training with Andressa B means you will get the motivation, results and progress you need to meet your goals. Below are the services we currently provide:

Cardio training:
Cardiovascular exercise improves the strength of your lungs and blood vessels while burning calories. Suitable for athletes and individuals of all ages (and sizes) wishing to increase their endurance.

– Powerplate
– Running/ Powerwalks
– Cycling
– Steps
– Swimming
– Aerobic (1 on1 & Classes)

Gym training:
This usually involves working on machines, with free weights or similar apparatus, in order to build muscle strength.  Suitable for men and women, this can help you gain muscle and strength, lose weight and tone your body. Don’t worry!!  If you are a woman, you will not get massive muscles even though you train with weights.

– Machines
– Free weights
– Non weight strength excercises

Diet Advice:
We have the knowledge and qualification to create an individual customized diet program for you in order to meet your goals, whether that means you want to gain or lose weight. We will regularly update this site with articles where we give you free advice and  tips about what you should and should not eat.

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